Ready To Handle Attention?

Grab a pair of these retro sunglasses. These were made legendary by the bands of the 1960's.

Designed for ladies, with round lenses and a distinct shape. Curved brow and adjustable nose pads.

Available in striking flash lenses to ensure you don't go unnoticed.

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These Retro Bracelets Are The Rave...

They ooze cool and add icing to the cake. Adding bracelets to your attire is just provoking and gives you that relaxed, laidback and playful look,

Be it casual or formal, different bracelets allow you to be distinct and standout.   

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Here's Your Fitness Tracker

Feeding this watch dog will help you stay lean, fit and healthy. Keeps track of your daily activity, calories, distance, call notifications and much more.

It's also smart enough to keep you socially engaged and informed of your messages and call notifications. 

This is a must have to keep you focused and motivated.

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